Rabbi Ron,
Hello, please settle our dispute. my friend says kneina hura (please correct spelling) is something you say when someone compliments you. I grew up with it being a jinx... like, oy vey, don't give me a kneina hura... please help!

thanks, from 2 bickering jews :)

There is a Jewish superstition that an evil eye (called in Hebrew ayin hara) is lurking around and could harm an individual. Over the centuries Jews have invented amulets, charms, spells and sayings to ward off the so-called evil eye. One of the sayings is the Yiddish phrase kneina hura (a collapsed form of the Hebrew "k'ayn ayin hara--like an evil eye"), in order to ward off evil spirits. Spitting or saying "pooh pooh pooh" is also considered a potent means of warding off the evil eye. Demons do not like spittle.

Good question!

Rabbi Ron

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