Hi Rabbi,
Well, I was going to find this out myself, but now I can ask you!!! I need to kow the date of the evening of the first seder for through about 2015 or so--my professional group wants to make sure we avoid Passover in the dates for our conference, and we book that far ahead. I had a book of yours with dates, but we've run out of the years the book covered, I think (I forget which book)!!!



Here are the dates of the first seders until the year 2015.

2004: Monday April 5
2005: Sat. April 23
2006: Wed. April 12
2007 Monday April 2
2008: Sat. April 19
2009: Wed. April 8
2010 Monday March 29
2011 Monday April 18
2012 Friday April 6
2013 Monday March 25
2014 Monday April 14
2015 Friday April 3

Thanks for your question!

Rabbi Ron

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