Why is Chad Gadya such a popular Seder song?

Aside from the beautiful melodies created for this popular song with which the seder concludes, the message it carries is extremely significant.

Composed in Aramaic in nursery-rhyme style, Chad Gadya was adapted from a popular German ballad and was introduced into the Haggadah by German Jews. In fanciful form and with great simplicity it tells the story of the Jewish people: a father bought a little goat for two zuziim, two small coins. And then a cat came along and devoured the goat; a dog came along and bit the cat; a stick came along and beat the dog...

So it is with the Jewish people. One nation after another tried to conquer it, but unsuccessfully. The message is that evil designs may be planned and even carried out, but in the end God conquers all, and justice will prevail.

Rabbi Ron

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