Can our prayers change G-d's mind?


Your question is a profound one. Since there are many prayers of petition in the siddur, a person of faith would certainly want to believe that G-d could hear the request and decide what He was going to do with it. That is to say, upon hearing the request, the possibility would be there for G-d to process the request and decide what to do. Therefore, to answer your question, I suppose that most people that believe in the power of prayer do believe that it can affect the intended outcome.

The real purpose of prayer though, is to be introspective, and do some self reflecting into the values that make the prayerbook such a special text. So, when praying for peace for example, it is not enough to only ask G-d for peace in the world, but to also partner with
G-d and do one's own part in helping to bring about that peace. Thus, prayer is a two-way street. Hope this helps to answer the question.

Rabbi Ron

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