Loving Companions: Memories of Our Wedding

Co-authored by Dr. Leora Isaacs

Jason Aronson, Inc., 1991

Marriage is truly one of the most joyous occasions in a person's life. For the Jewish couple, it represents the quintessential Jewish experience, encompassing religious ritual and traditions, creativity, and a vital link between the Jewish past and future.

Loving Companions: Our Jewish Wedding Album focuses on capturing all of the cherished memories that make a couple's relationship unique: the first meeting, courtship, betrothal, wedding ceremony, and the first year of marriage. Its fill-in-the-blank format allows couples to record pertinent information, share personal histories, and explore their hopes and dreams for the future. There are places throughout the book for them to attach copies of important documents (the ketubah and marriage license, for instance), mementos, and precious photographs.

Woven throughout the sections in Loving Companions are passages from the Bible, Midrash, and other traditional sources about love and marriage, explanations of Jewish wedding customs and ceremonies, and illustrations from Jewish art and literature. It is the authors' hope that after reading about these traditions, couples will be eager to incorporate many of them into their own marriages. As couples complete each section of this volume, they will strengthen the lines of communication that provide a strong foundation for a fulfilling and lasting marriage. Loving Companions is certain to become a beloved family heirloom and treasured reminder of happy days.

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