The Second How-To Handbook for Jewish Living

Co-authored by Rabbi Kerry M. Olitzky

KTAV Publishing House, 1996

Judaism is more than just knowing. It is about doing. No matter how much you think you know, there is always more to experience in Judaism. It's one of the many reasons that study is so important. Jewish study teaches you about "real knowledge," the stuff you really want to know in life. Through Jewish practice, you will come to know more.

Practice will generally lead you to more questions. That's precisely how this second volume of The How-To Handbook for Jewish Living came to be. This volume presents more basic Judaism in a readily accessible format. This book also presents the reader with a second level of Jewish practice. In other words, once you feel comfortable with basic Jewish practice, here's more for you to try.

How-tos include:

  • Give Tzedakah
  • Make a Shiva Call
  • Go to the Mikvah
  • Say Yizkor

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