Every Person's Guide to Shavuot

Jason Aronson, Inc., 1999

The festival of Shavuot was originally celebrated as a thanksgiving for the wheat harvest. It falls seven weeks after the spring barley harvest. In the course of time, as a result of the transformation of the agricultural festivals into historical commemorations, the additional significance of Shavuot as the festival of the Giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai completely overshadowed its original significance.

This user-friendly volume presents a wide array of fascinating material related to Shavuot. Topics included are: Shavuot in biblical, postbiblical, and rabbinic writings; the celebration of Shavuot both in the home and in the synagogue (including basic home blessings, and Shavuot liturgy); the Book of Ruth, (including its contents, theology and literary appeal); the Ten Commandments and most often asked questions and answers related to them; Shavuot curiosities (including entries such as the Rumanian Shavuot, the Arab Shavuot, Moses and Shavuot and the Ten Commandments in Art); Shavuot family games that can be played on the holiday; Shavuot in music and song; Shavuot legends and eight Shavuot related short stories. Also included is a basic Shavuot glossary. The appendix includes two original Shavuot cantatas that can be used at a confirmation service.

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