Every Person's Guide to Shabbat

Jason Aronson, Inc., 1996

The origin of the Sabbath goes back to the beginning of creation. The Bible relates that God made the world in six days and rested on the seventh, thereby blessing it. Since that time the Sabbath has remained the holiest day of the year for Jewish people, despite its occurring fifty-two successive times. It is not only a sacred day but one that is filled with joy and delight.

The Sabbath is the only holiday included in the Ten Commandments, and the observance of it has given the Jewish people an opportunity to rest their minds and bodies.

The Sabbath is primarily a home oriented occasion, although there are several prayer services that take place in the Synagogue both Friday evening and Saturday morning, afternoon, and evening. There are also a variety of home rituals which are intended to unify the family and add an aura of sanctity to the home.

This volume is a user friendly guide to the Sabbath. Topics include: the origin of the Sabbath from biblical times through Temple times; synagogue and home observance, including detailed how-to Shabbat guidelines; a series of games and activities suitable to be played on Shabbat; the Jewish definition of work on the Sabbath; the laws and customs of the Sabbath and their rationale; Shabbat zemirot (table songs) with illustrations; the liturgy of the Sabbath service and commentary on the various specialized prayers for the Sabbath; Sabbath legends; notable quotations related to the Sabbath; the Sabbath in short story, and a glossary of terms and books for further reading.

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