Every Person's Guide to Jewish Sexuality

Jason Aronson, Inc., 2000

The topics in this intriguing volume include: the importance and care of the body, dressing and deportment in Jewish tradition, family purity, sex segregation in public places, premarital sex, laws of marital sex, sexual offenses and forbidden marriages, pornography, rabbinic sources on birth control and spilling seed in vain, immoral thoughts and fantasies, turning the sexual impulse in a spiritual direction, feminine images in Jewish writings, sexual imagery in the Song of Songs, Jewish sexuality legends, notable quotations on Jewish sexuality, and a summary of the mitzvot governing sex and relationships. Every Person's Guide to Jewish Sexuality also includes a glossary of terms, books for further reading, and an index for quick and easy reference.

Each chapter explores the topics listed above through the study of the Bible, rabbinic commentaries, laws and customs in the Code of Jewish Law, feminine imagery in Judaism, sexual imagery in the liturgy and biblical books, kabbalistic views of sexuality, sex ethics in the writings of Maimonides and other Jewish philosophers, legends in human sexuality, and many more.

Rabbi Isaacs offers the reader an intricate and important look at sexuality through the Jewish tradition and makes his knowledge accessible to all.

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