Every Person's Guide to Jewish Law

Jason Aronson, Inc., 2000

Every Person's Guide to Jewish Law provides the basics for understanding the origin of Jewish law as well as the way it has been created and modified over the centuries to better meet the needs of the Jewish people.

The term halacha, literally meaning "the way to go," is used today to mean "Jewish law," the final decision of the rabbinic sages on disputed rules of conduct. Halacha has controlled the attitudes and behaviors of the observant Jew in practically every area of his or her life. It addresses the Jew as producer and consumer, as worshiper and thinker, as husband, wife, mother, and father. It commits the Jew to a rigorous discipline and presents a blueprint for an idealized existence within the realities of life, guiding the Jew along the road to sanctification of himself and his environment, and emphasizing that each person must always act with an awareness of his or her relationship with God.

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